Background of Tetranet Limited

Tetranet is part of the Animal Systems Limited group  which was formed in 2001.

Tetranet division was set up to focus on Medical(Healthcare) and Blue Light sectors. In the past we have worked on ANPR systems for UK and Ukraine Police authorities. We also supply LFB (London Fire Brigade) embedded computer systems for their Command and Control vehicles. We also supply Cybersecurity products and services and at present working on a Bug Bounty centre project.

Tetranet specialise in;

  • HP/DELL Servers and Storage as a OEM 
  • Embedded (IoT)and Industrial (Rugged IIoT) computing solutions
  • Sterilisation solutions for Full body, Hands, Feet, Trolleys and Carts
  • Cybersecurity products and services
  • Medical and industrial Trolleys and Carts 

We have recently branched out into hospitality since the Covid epidemic with the supply of sterilisation units. Currently installed in the following areas.

  • Retirement homes
  • Corporate businesses  
  • Local Pubs 
  • Restaurants
  • Shops and Supermarkets
  • Building sites

We manufacture our own range of rugged systems but also partner with worldwide leading manufacturers direct. 


We deliver individually tailored solutions that meet our customer's specific requirements. We have many years of experience in major infrastructure projects and providing bespoke solutions to many diverse industries.

Quality Assured (ISO)

ASL's production management system ensures that our customers receive the highest possible standards of quality, consistency of build and production standards. All of our products are exhaustively soak tested and supported by a comprehensive ASL warranty. All of our processes from design through to the manufacture of your systems have been reviewed by a UKAS approved auditor.

Change Control and Traceability

The Quality Manager has overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining product identification throughout all stages of design, production, installation and delivery. We establish and maintain product monitoring and measurement status through the use of both physical identification tags/labels and electronic records. Additionally, physical location in clearly designated areas is an indicator of generic product status.

Where contractually required, the Quality Manager plans for, establishes and maintains appropriate traceability records in accordance with customer requirements. As a minimum, ASL tracks all systems from the serial number of the unit which is issued at the start of production. ASL also records the serial numbers of major sub-components which are fitted to the unit like hard drives. This information is published in the test report which is kept as a permanent record by Tetranet and issued to clients.

Future Proof Solutions

Our systems must keep pace with your future demand. We use open technologies for modular systems which are cost effective and meet todays requirements, but flexible and scalable to support tomorrow's demands. Working with World-class technology partners, our customers will always have access to the best possible performing systems, development and support. With direct contact we can provide Roadmaps, EOL (End of Life) notifications and up to date product information.

Dedicated Customer Service & Support

Excellent customer care is taken very seriously by ASL. Our team of Technical Support staff are always available to provide technical support and advise. Backed by in-house subject experts, we will always provide a high quality and timely response, and our modern test and repair facilities ensure that we are able to maintain market leading levels of service.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver to agreed time schedules in order to fulfil the requirements of your business. Employing lean principles and best practice, with our state-of-art facilities in the UK and in the Far East, ensures that we can respond to our customer's most challenging requirements.

Contact Information

Tetranet Limited
4 Scar Bank, Warwick, CV34 5DB
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