Mission Statement

To deliver services, reliable, cost effective and robust products and computer platforms built to client specifications on time and with zero defects".

Tetranet Objectives:

  1. Achievement of ZERO DEFECTS and 100% on time delivery performance.
  2. Manage and control facilities, processes, quality systems and personnel to consistently and cost effectively produce products and furnish services that meet or exceed customer needs.
  3. Be committed to continuous process improvement by emphasising reduction of part-to-part variation and the elimination of waste.
  4. Conduct operations in conformance with, or to exceed, all applicable environmental laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we do business.
  5. Conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner and should we make an error, we will admit it and correct it as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Tetranet Limited
4 Scar Bank, Warwick, CV34 5DB
Tel: 01926 356580  |  sales@tetranetuk.com

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